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Analytic Strategies
I offer sensible and workable suggestions for improvement to your websites on a long-term basis. My analysis is easy to read and personal to your Brand.

Monthly analysis of site performances.

Creative Writing
Giving you more time to do the adventures that excite you!
Looking to have a different written perspective added to your Brand or Product? Speak to me and together we can create a story for you.
Content Creation
Need to portray a fresh perspective of your destination or brand? Interested in sharing a more personal side of your destination? Or attracting people through food, adventure and culture?
Digital Storytelling
Creating a personal experience of your tour, destination or offering through blogging and social media coverage (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

What my Partners say

We employ G J Scott Media Management for a monthly analysis of our internet performance.
G J Scott Media Management provides sensible and workable suggestions for improvement on a long-term basis.
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Wandering with Gary. My journey to becoming a Digital Nomad